Writer – John Farman

Artist – Anna Francesca Schiraldi

Artist – Taylor McTaggart

Pg 003 web

This first issue sees John team up with Anna Fransesca Schiraldi, having previously teamed up on Tales of the Damned #3, and while this still has a link to the horror core of Vital’s previous titles the pleasant surprise is it has more of an all-ages feel to it.  It follows Dr Fankenstein’s daughter Jenny as she explores the world outside the castle walls and the sight of a local villager dumping a bag into the river with what looks to be something living in it.  From here it’s a heartfelt story of her trying to conserve life and with a father like hers, it’s not something even death can get in the way of.

A far lighter tone from John in this one and it helps add another string to the VItal Publishing bow albeit with a tie to the horror themes they’ve explored before.  It’s still a sweeping & hopeful story of childhood, loss and finding a place when you’re allowed to explore it on your own.  I love Anna’s art-work on this one as the cartoony vibe gives it a Tim Burton feel to it and the use of shadowy and light keeps horror elements at bay while a more optimistic story plays out.

The short back-up story takes us a week into the future and John’s joined by artist Taylor McTaggart for this one as we see how FrankenJenny is getting on with her new friend.  This helps emphasise the much more upbeat nature of a story away from the shadows of horror and focusing on a simpler aspect of day-to-day life in a world that you know has monsters hiding somewhere.  The heart is fully on show in this one and the art is stunning with its playful use of light & dark.