Writer – John Farman

Artist – Stref

Pg 001 front web


While the first issue of Spies hit like an explosion as Vital Publishing took a step into another genre for its comic releases, the second one eased into a world of espionage and that’s all slipped us right into this third issue.  The mission is still clear and high-flying head honcho’s are all beginning to show their motivations in what becomes an issue of character development to enforce the foundation of the series.

John’s dialogue in this issue is suitably pointed between the main foes but the familiarity that’s built into it allows a sense of history sink into the very bones of the characters on the page.  The weight of a life spent dodging bullets and out-thinking their opponents has left them weary for an easy life but they still revel in the luxuries their chosen lives and the luck they’ve tested along the way has given them.  There’s the added dimension of an impending finale and that seems to exist as an unsaid truth between everyone involved including the reader.

Stref does another amazing job with the visuals after taking over in that second issue and that seemless transition has now made sure he’s an established component of a building story.  The shadows he pours around the main action, the glint of hope and the strain of an aging cast in a young man or woman’s game is played out in much more detail in this one, giving it a poignant edge to the build-up towards the finale.  Stylish & slicker than ever, Spies stands out as a clear indication of what John & Vital Publishing can do outside the horror genre they’ve built their name in and here’s hoping that if the results are this good, that they keep on releasing more and more titles.