Halloween Spooktacular 28th October 2023A special message from us, and our friends at Back Issue Bonanza:
” We are delighted to announce our next guest for the Back Issue Bonanza Halloween Spooktacular on the 28th of October.
John has been working in comics in one way or another for over two decades, his credits include being one of the co-founders of BlackHearted Press, Glasgow Comic Con, Sicba awards and the OG Glasgow comic marts. More recently John co-founded Vital Publishing with Marc DeLaunay. His comic work includes Royal Descent, School of the Damned, FrankenJenny, Midnight Massacre, Generation Gun and SPIES. He holds the Scottish comics Indie record for publishing 1 book a month for a full year. As well as writing for Vital he is also the Commissioning editor and will be providing portfolio reviews at the event. John is an avid comic collector and loves nothing more than chatting about his two favourite topics, comics and horror. You can check out some of his reviews and Vital Publishing’s work at https://www.vital-publishing.com
We hope you’ll join in us in welcoming our latest guest and keep a look out as we announce more news and prizes this week.
If you have any queries regarding the event or booking a table, you can message the page or contact us at thebackissuebonanza@gmail.com.