Writer – John Farman

Artist – Will Pickering

Generation Gun #2: Writer – John Farman, Artist – WIll Pickering

The Farman/Pickering team-up was already a tried & tested combo ahead of the opening issue of Generation Gun and while there was no doubt a title that focused on a mass-shooting in the US of A could be controversial the team are balancing that out with a multi-angle story.  The initial attack all kicked off in that opener and this second issue sees thing escalate as the core group try to stay out of the firing line while the larger plans of the attackers comes into view.

The dynamic among those under threat & the ones causing the threats is a mixed bag of ego’s and each one is well grounded enough by John’s script to build-up a balance between the fear of death coupled with the exhilaration of a plan playing out.  It’s a risky mix to throw out there in today’s climate but it does feel like there’s a much bigger message being punctuated with each issue.  Will’s art is pitch-perfect for that balance as the stark lines help grab your attention while things play out and then in a single page turn the energy of the events step up the momentum of the events that are unfolding.

Unflinching in its willingness to show just what both sides of an argument is it manages to give a level of reality to both sides rather than go all-out in glamorizing guns and their impact.  Generation Gun feels like a title some people will avoid because of its controversial topic but if it’s given a chance it could well be something that adds to the debate rather than fuels it.